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Frosty days are accompanied by a windless sunny weather at which it is formed plentiful fantastic on trees. There comes the period of a full immovability in the nature: the branch does not kolykhntsya, the bird will not fly by, only the distinct scratch of snow when walking will break the stiffened frosty silence.

SIBERIAN FROSTS. One of steady stereotypes about Siberia, along with the daring three and bears, are ideas of hard frosts obligatory here when as spoke in old times, birds on the fly freeze. However actually the probability to get to rather hard frosts is not so great. As a rule, in the south of Siberia the frost is lower than 30 degrees there are some weeks for all winter, usually at the end of December and in January.

The nature at Baikal is strict, simple and severe. It, for example, you will not call "magnificent" in any way. Probably, the most suitable words for it "transparent", can be "hrustalno pure", "ascetic". And of course, the word "grandiose" very much approaches.

The service of marketing carries out research activity on the basis of continuous information processing about all aspects of a situation in the market, therefore market researches – systematic collecting, reflection and the analysis of data on the problems connected with marketing of goods and services. In the conditions of the competition it is not enough to rely on intuition, judgments of heads and experience of the past, and it is necessary to receive adequate information before decision-making.

The program of insurance of baggage – the most widespread type of insurance, as a tariff of insurance of baggage about 50% a day. The sum of an insurance limit (~ 2 thousand dollars of SSh are paid on presentation of the documents confirming that the baggage was lost or damaged in a storage time or transportations.

The Baikal landscapes, nature sanctuaries, archaeological monuments, biological diversity, surprising on beauty and originality, and also the remained Buryat myths and national traditions gave the chance to fill active rounds with the thematic contents which example ethnographic rounds "A way of the shaman", "The Baikal Odyssey", "In search of ancient civilizations", "Travel to Geser's earth" can be.

FALL. The end of September, "Indian summer", involves artists and photographers with multi-colored autumn paints of the wood. The mixed coast woods near the bay Sandy and in the Chivyrkuysky gulf are especially beautiful. The bright yellow deciduous woods of the coast of Small Sea Strait are attractive. Changeable weather with strong winds and frequent storm gives special color to the Baikal landscapes.

In classical understanding marketing – business activity which operates advance of goods and services of the producer to the consumer; also marketing is defined as process of planning, pricing, advance and realization of ideas, goods and services by means of the exchange satisfying the purposes of individuals and the organizations and also as complete system of the organization and management of activity of the firm aimed at providing the maximum sales of products.

Marketing as the system of strategic management of activity of tourist firm with orientation to the market includes a number of the stages and forms of administrative and research activity which are in a strict taxonomy. These forms of activity not only follow one after another, but are carried out at the same time. Firms lead the strategy accepted on the basis of the previous researches for the purpose of search of new strategic decisions or expansion of a coverage.

Compensation insurance. Provides payment by the traveler of all medical expenses and compensation them only upon return home; this type of insurance is inconvenient that compels the tourist to have at itself a considerable monetary stock on insured event.

To the middle of June on Baikal it is still cool, and it is necessary to travel on the boat on the lake often in warm clothes. Release from ice on the lake happens unevenly. In the southern part Baikal is freed from ice in the first of May, in northern – at the end of May. Congestions of ice floes on which it is possible to observe seals, continue to float in the north of the lake till June 5-10. At this time it is possible to make fascinating swimming after the edge of ice receding on the lake North. Thus travel across severe Baikal will be followed by unpredictability of spring weather and almost total absence of vessels on Baikal.