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On the purpose of the earth usually share on seven categories: earth of settlements, agricultural, industries, nature protection, water fund, forest fund, stock. The land plots under the privatized enterprises, as a rule, are in the territory of the cities and by that treat lands of settlements.

In the long-term plan the effect consists counting on inevitable economic under" I eat when the cost of real estate grows owing to increase in demand and limitation of the relevant proposal. Long-term calculation is connected also with options of commercial use of the landed property.

Market value means the most probable price which will develop at sale about" an ekta of property in the competitive and open market in the presence of all conditions, ekobkhodimy for commission of the fair transaction.

The market of non-residential premises is presented by generally once redeemed or reconstructed rooms converted into offices. But during privatization appears more and more about" ekt which are given in long-term rent or are sold by auctions of property by funds, i.e. local governing bodies. At the second stage of privatization the market of real estate will be replenished industrial about" with ekta and in even bigger degree about" ektam of trade and service appointment.

The enterprise owner has the right to redeem the land plot in parts. It can be the sites of divisions of the enterprise located in various parts of the city. But also the uniform site of the enterprise can be redeemed gradually: after all the enterprise is the owner of all buildings located in his territory, so it has the right to redeem sites under each of buildings separately in that order which suits the owner. Thus the enterprise can redeem all land plot as if by installments.

The mortgage means issue of the loan on the security of real estate. Classical about" mortgages - the land plot. The mortgage opens opportunity to provide in a pledge eachestvo also buildings, constructions, houses, certain apartments.