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Condensation of peresyshchenny steam on the ions arising along a trajectory of charged particle. The ionizing ability of a quark makes 1/9 or 4/9 the ionizing abilities of an electron. Therefore density of droplets on a trace of a quark has to be 9 times less, than on an electron trace. In due time in the press there were works in which it was reported about detection of particles with the 50% ionizing ability. However subsequently it appeared that the received results are strong fluctuation of the ionizing ability of a usual particle with z =

At last, there are bases to consider that has to exist also the sixth quark of t called truthful (from the word truth) or top (from the word top). One of such bases is the symmetry predicted by the theory of electroweak interaction among quarks and leptons (which it is opened six).

Now so many elementary particles are open and investigated that for their designation all free letters of the Greek alphabet and many letters of the Latin alphabet are already used. And it does not mean that particles are known as much, how many the used letters. It is much more! Except simple letters for designation of particles letters with strokes, with asterisks and with figures are used.

Look for quarks and in meteorites which at rather big sizes and long existence in a space could save up many quarks. Tried to find quarks by means of experiments of type of experience of Milleken by definition of a charge of an electron. But also here it was not succeeded to receive unambiguous results.

In earlier and quite successful theory of Sakata as three main fundamental particles for creation of hadrons the proton (p), a neutron (n) and a lambda particle were used (^). Therefore the same symbols use and in the modern theory for designation of three quarks. Let's call these quarks park (p), the people's commissar (n) and a larok (^). Quarks should not be confused to hadrons which are designated by the same symbols.

At last, one more opportunity in which most of physicists trusts now, consists in the following: quarks exist, but only in the connected state in hadrons. To take off from hadrons and quarks cannot exist in a free look.