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France which along with other branches actively develops internal and entrance tourism can be an example for imitation. The positive balance of this country looks as 4:1, that is 1 leaving citizen of France for the tourist purposes is the share of 4 driving tourists to France on average.

The most rapid growth of capacity of hotels happened in East Asia and Oceania where for the considered period the quantity of places increased on 5,9 million (on average for 13,7% in. The slowest rates of increase in places are noted in Europe and America, but at all this in Europe 40%, and in America 32% of all places which are available in the world were concentrated. It thus that free lands least of all in these regions therefore further prospects of development will demand high-quality reorganization of all system of construction and reconstruction of tourist infrastructure.

development of the concept of a new tourist's product – consists in giving of the concrete consumer properties corresponding to demand of the target market to both material and financial opportunities of travel agency to it; the choice of a route, the program, a type of tourism, a set and classiness of services means;