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The ordinary thesis about the person as functions of development serves as theoretical argument, its transformation — the creator and the creator — in a certain live tool of society and state, their "elementary particle". The is less democratic, the to bigger number of people such destiny which was anticipated still by Platon in the doctrine about the ideal state is prepared.

Having been fond of artificial problems of "dialectics of basis and a superstructure", we missed processes of "feedback" of the person and society, measurement of any social phenomenon and action, deep process of the human identity becoming by the personality. Became usual when identity was identified with individualism, it was opposed to public human nature. 'to social formation. ^

Certainly, the problem of the person is not settled by the instruction on a peripetia of its essence. Besides there are researchers who prefer not to this philosophical category at all. Without being, they nevertheless believe that penetration into essence of the person is of no use for his understanding. E. Fromm testifies: "Nowadays the idea of a human, or essence of the person, uses bad layered, part because of the skeptical relation to and abstract " terms essence of people -

Thus, the person acts at the same time as reality and as a potential. It exists as a reality and comprises own measure of the future, making a choice of a way on which he seeks to achieve goals. The society is more free, the these ways are more various, the fan of alternatives of the inconsistent movement of the person to itself and to other people is wider. Thereby the problem of a choice turns from personal and orientation in social determined, without stopping being the human.

Already it predetermines that achievement of harmony between them — difficult attainable aim, and usually their interaction abounds with the distinctions, discrepancies, contradictions, the conflicts which are shown, however. within indissoluble unity, though ­. The person, having left the nature and having found social essence, interrupted a thread of actually animal development.

The value of the person has to be recognized the absolute - w WO, i.e. the highest and unconditional. This humanistic / approach is based on recognition of a worthiness of life che-/a loveka as that owing to its bytiynost. With this ^ a postulate statement and the decision ^ large problems, as firmness integral temper and freedoms of the person, providing a primacy of the personality are inseparably linked at the decision modern social, economic,

/ inconsistent human nature all contradictions of people around its micro and a macrocosm as if. Perhaps, one of the deepest of social development on an outcome of the XX century consists that uncontrollable process of internationalization of a and exchanges, nationalizations of work, growth of a and interdependence of people in more and more ­ a framework and various ^ in the conflict to many intrinsic to manifestations" in-V dividualn6st'i" the person, his own mentality, thin and vulnerable internal. / the Person in history of society, in the nature and own history, in the course of the movement to Wad Dra - * to gy people and the self-movements, And this movement does not by a harmony, it is full of various collisions. discrepancies and ^

(As the essence of the person is shown in a of individuals in various areas, it can be characterized as process of expansion of a measure of its life taken in historical sotsioprirodny a game-f the text. Than this life nasyshchenny in material, intellectual, moral and esthetic ^ niya, the it is richer and more free, the, by the general rule, have to be more substantial, more free about -

it, to all-round, harmonious development. It is the movement to that is covered by a formula: spiritual wealth, moral purity, physical perfection. Such is an ideal of the person, and people differ on extent of approach to the perfect condition, essence or opposite — on degree a own I towards the ^

The relative value of the person is caused by ny aspects of his activity. There are people — the egoist and egotsentrist who see meaning of life, Kai it was already noted, in satisfaction of the exclusively personal interests and requirements in more and more the telny sizes. Life in society they is pragmatic consider as a way of existence, provide