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At the same time it is necessary to raise a role of criticism at discussion of new compositions of composers which creative activity has to be estimated from a position of high insistence and high adherence to principles.

It is extremely important to achieve that the best works got an art real and public response, reached the wide listener, I for this purpose it is necessary to intensify promotion of the Karelian music, besides its message smoothly and evenly.

And, nevertheless, as it is impossible to hold back that along with a positive side in activity of our organization is a lot of not solved creative and organizational problems and tasks demanding a close attention, big energy and of course the increased insistence to quality and the contents.

As well as in the union of composers, in the union of artists there are more young people who began force out considerably more seniors on age recently as energy and the creative imagination not to occupy with it.

Despite all difficulties, Musical theater constantly puts new plays, and number of persons interested to visit the performances put by troupe of Musical theater does not decrease, and a certain circle of admirers was already formed.

I, probably, was lucky that formation as actor happened in Petrozavodsk puppet theater where I came after the termination of Gorky theatrical school. Here I learned much, and, above all — to diligence. It, in my opinion, the most important in any profession.

The success of many concerts was promoted also by that along with interesting repertoire and performance at concerts of the leading actors guest performers, to participation in symphony and chamber concerts the best executive creative power of Petrozavodsk.

But, all artists show good knowledge of material, its expressive opportunities, various technologies, all of them well understand need of preservation and development of fine Karelian traditions.

"When all first became puzzled, I endured a certain shock moment. I tried to be engaged in both show business and commerce, as my some colleagues. I think that could achieve certain success. But me this way seemed not to interesting. I all life was engaged in theater why has to give up favourite business, I studied it, I love it, I love Musical theater! Musical — in the Drama it is boring for me. The musical theater — is my life.

Theater — it first of all people. Often speak and write about those who on a look — about primas and prime ministers. But the collective consists and of those who not especially flashes in pictures and without whom at the same time creative process would not be possible.

In concerts which took place in recreation centers and clubs of Moscow, on final decade actors of philharmonic hall acted. And then some Karelian actors and performers were marked out by awards: awards and medals of different degrees, and the rest were handed certificates of honor.