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For increase of steady work of these objects in the conditions of an emergency organizational and technical actions are planned and carried out. These actions are carried out by an object GO staff with involvement of the relevant services.

We find values of the coefficients entering a formula. As the room has only one external wall, and from other three parties is protected by two and more walls, total weight 1m2, which in one direction more than 1000 kgfs,

The main task in this situation is acquisition of knowledge and abilities in drawing up an operating mode on objects of agricultural value (in this case on repair shop). It is also necessary to ensure functioning of repair shop, it is correct to calculate shelter in which, during accident, people would be organized, between them duties would be distributed, animals and the agricultural equipment would be kept.

In this case special preparation of equipment will be required. For the purpose of reduction of external part of cars, i.e. reduction of sticking of RV of the car become covered by special varnishes or enamels, the deactivation coefficient thus increases. For the purpose of reduction of hit of RV in internal surfaces of the car, and also it is necessary to carry out to elements of a cabin and a body carefully sealing and work of filtrational installations.

Labor input on increase of protective properties of the room approximately makes: production, installation on a box window sill from boards and filling with its soil (the box sizes: length - 1,5 m, width - 0,5 m, height - 0,5m; the volume of timber - 0,065 ^, requirement of soil - 0,27m") - 4 people - h; sealing of the room - 2chel. - h; others (works - 2 people - are unaccounted h; total - 8 people - h.

The automobile garage on 25 cars is intended for storage, maintenance and maintenance of cars. In the production building there are sites for maintenance and car repairs, household and other rooms. The part of cars is stored in the production building, and the others — under a canopy and on open parking.

Heat supply provided for THAT and repair of SHT, is connected with external heating systems. Hot water supply - centralized. The warm water pumped in system of heating is superheated water when for the hot water pumped on heating systems has t temperature =. 65 °C.

To put part of window openings of apertures karpichy, to equip fire reservoirs and entrances to them, to prepare fire-prevention means, to make sealing of the room, on entrance air ducts for the purpose of reduction of hit of RV to install filters. After sealing of the building it will be required it is necessary to observe the air exchange mode, including changes of its frequency rate.